Laptop Screen Repairs Cost?

The cost of repairing or replacing a laptop screen is anywhere from $99-$700.

The average laptop screen replacement or repair as of 2012 is anywhere from $99.00 upwards. Many laptop screens are interchangeable but you cannot just put any screen in any laptop. There are many variables that will dictate which laptop screen will suit which laptop. If you choose or buy the incorrect screen for your laptop there is a risk of  damage. It’s always best to seek professional advice from a company like ours

Compatible laptop screens – choosing the right screen

The many differences that will determine laptop screen suitability for your laptop include:

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Mounting points
  • Pin Connector
  • LCD or LED
  • Connection locations

The list goes on and sometimes even the experts can get it wrong.

If you need a fixed quote on laptop screen repair cost, we are happy to provide this in writing. Just fill in a free quote form on this website. The cost of repairing laptop screens in Australia fluctuate, just as the Aussie dollar daos. This is due to all screens being  imported. Supply and demand also play a large part.

We charge the same low prices, regardless of where you are in Australia. Take advantage of our free pick up and delivery service and keep the cost of your laptop screen repair affordable

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