Can I BYO Laptop Screen? Cheap Laptop Screen


Are you after a cheap laptop screen replacement and live in Australia?

If you have purchased a screen or can find a cheaper screen from overseas cheaper than we can supply you certainly can BYO screen.

We fit laptop screens on any model laptop for only $99.00. The only condition is that no other repairer or home handy man has tried to do the repair  and failed. These cases often do not work out as the previous repair man has usually damaged or degraded internal components.

This leads to extended time diagnosing the laptop and often a unhappy customers.

The only other word of warning is that you have the compatible screen. If we try to fit the scree to find it is not compatible you will still be charged the full $99.00.

We will allow you to order the correct one in and we will fit it when it arrives. This is simply due to the reason removing the laptop screen is more than half the job

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