Can you tell me why your quote is much cheaper?

Can you tell me why yours is much cheaper?
  1. Just Screens Sorry- We just do screens! Nothing else, no virus removal, data recovery etc. We do screens all day and we know where to get the screens at low cost and do the job faster.
  2. Freight – Because we don’t have fancy retail space we can offer a freight free Australia wide service
  3. Supply -The truth is there are only a few suppliers for laptop screens. Samsung and LG being some of the biggest. So Apple and Sony don’t make their own screens. (Actually they don’t even make most the laptop). So whoever you go with, there going to sell the same thing. As of today there is no such thing as a “knock off” laptop screen.
  4. Quality – Some screens are sold with defects, dead pixels and the rest. That’s why Ebay guys can sell them even cheaper. We offer 100% no dead pixel. if your screen does have dead pixels we offer replacement or discount.
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