Dim Laptop Screen? Dark Laptop Screen?

Dim Laptop Screen or dark laptop screen?

If  your laptop has suddenly started to display a very faint image, dim image or dark display there are a number of different causes to this common problem.

  1. Bad laptop screen – Your laptop has a back light inside it that is fragile and can break or malfunction without warning. There are some companies that replace the light but, in our opinion a brand new screen is the best fix.faint dim image on laptop screen
  2. Bad inverter board– many laptop screens have what is called an inverter. The inverters job is to light the back-light mentioned above. This is most common in CCFL LCD laptop screens and the newer LED laptop screens do not rely on an inverter to light the back-light/s. If the inverter has gone bad it is a less expensive fix in almost every instance.
  3. Bad Main board or Video card – When a motherboard or video/graphics card goes bad there are two solutions. Replace or repair the card/motherboard. Motherboards are generally expensive to replace. If you are tempted by a second hand board just be sure it has been taken from a working laptop and the board itself has not been repaired. I say this because there are a number of people who repair boards and the repair will fail in 3 months due to a sub-standard technique. It’s always around that 3 month mark so if you do buy a second hand board get a 6 month warranty or more.

Diagnose what is causing your laptop screen to be dim/dark

Dim faint laptop images So how do you diagnose which issue is causing your laptop screen to be dim, dark or almost black? Well the best way for the inexpereinced is to start replacing parts until your problem is solved. Of course you will start with the cheapest and most likely part the inverter.

A quick way to do a little home diagnosis is to connect an external monitor and see if the image that is perfect. If it is you can fairly confident it is not your motherboard at fault. I say “fairly” because we have seen bad main boards that give out good external display. If the voltage from your board to the inverter is bad then this will be the case.

There are also techniques out there for testing the quality of the inverter but tests for mohterboards and LCD screens are not readily available to the end user.

You can see this process of troubleshooting by elimination can be time consuming, not to mention expensive , with parts you will need to hock off on ebay if they don’t fix the problem.

The best route is to get a professional diagnosis or repair. As we are a  specialist laptop screen repairer, we stock the parts and can troubleshoot the problem quickly at a reasonable rate.

Bottom line

If you have a dim laptop screen or dark display get professional help. If you are in Australia call or email The Laptop Screen Man for a fast laptop screen repair.

If you are anywhere else in the world finding a reliable laptop repair technician will make all the difference. If you are still keen to go it alone then just remember to “Google” your problem with your laptop make and model in your google query, to quickly see if your particular laptop has known/common problems.

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