Do you fix Apple Mac’s? Low cost Apple screen replacement

Yes we fix all model Apple Mac laptops and desktops right across Australia.

If you’ve been to an authorised Apple dealer you probably got told it would cost over $1000.00 to fix. Low cost Apple screen replacements are available, and we use genuine manufacturer screen, and come with full warranty.

Sometimes the tricky things with Mac’s is finding the model number.

Once you find the model number for your Apple Mac, you can  shop around for the best price (then come back to the best value, right here!!)

If it’s a laptop it’s usually on the underside of the laptop. There is a number on the battery but that is not the laptop model number. Apple Mac made everything easy as far as using it goes, but why do the make a simple model number so hard to find?

Here is some places to find more info.

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