Horizontal lines running across laptop monitor/screen?

Horizontal lines on laptop screen? What’s the problem?

If you have horizontal lines being displayed on your laptop screen you are not alone. Just like vertical lines horizontal lines are a very common laptop screen problem.

The laptop screen man can diagnose your problem quickly saving you time and the hassle of having to return incorrectly ordered parts.

Horizontal laptop screen linesThe problem itself may not be the LCD or LED screen but a motherboard or video card display issue. One quick little test you can do at home (providing you have access to a PC monitor or  TV capable of accepting computer input), is to hook the problem laptop up to an external video monitor.

If the lines display on this external output also then you are looking at an issue other than a failing LCD/LED screen.

If the external is good, it doesn’t necessarily mean your internal laptop screen is bad. The circuitry to the screen can still be bad past the point of the external output on the board.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry.

Lines across laptop screenHorizontal lines are best left to the experts who have  the parts and resources to get the job done right.

Call or email us today to get a no obligation quote and assessment of the line across your laptop screen.


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