Can I fix a laptop screen, myself? DIY Laptop Screen Repair?

Fixing a laptop screen installation is a job best left to the professionals.

Laptop screens can be repaired quickly by our certified laptop screen repair professionals all over Sydney. If you are comfortable with precision screw drivers and intricate electronics we can provide the laptop screen only.

Please be aware you may void any warranty and this is best left to the professionals.


There are some forums out there that claim that fixing a laptop screen is easy and all you need is a screwdriver. This is true for a few laptops and some screens are easy to replace. Many are not. Some laptop screens require the the base of the laptop to be removed and there are many small fittings and wires that can be damaged easily.

Every Laptop Screen Man repairer is armed with an arsenal of tools to fix any laptop screen.

Even professionals like us cringe at particluar models and know we are in for a big job. Did you know we have a flat rate of $99.00 for any laptop screen replacement, on all models, even the hard ones.

We also sub contract to many large IT companies all over Sydney and Australia. If you have your own computer business why not become a partner today and let the specialists handle the job for you?

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