Internal Crack On Laptop LCD Screen

Repair a laptop screen with an internal crack or internally cracked

internal crack on laptop screenYes, we can repair your laptop screen if it has been internally damaged, broken, cracked or smashed. Actually we don’t attempt to repair the crack we install a brand new laptop LCD/LED screen on your laptop or notebook.

If you’ve never seen a broken laptop screen it can be hard to describe whats going on, or what part of the laptop screen you will need replaced. When a laptop screen is damaged the only part that normally gets replaced is the internal laptop screen.


Below is an example of a laptop screen being removed. Only the internal component of the screen is replaced

Screen replacement laptop

This means that the laptop lid is not replaced, only the thin inner laptop screen monitor.

However if your outer lid is damaged we can also quote on that also.

If you need laptop screen repair or replacement and live in Australia, contact The Laptop Screen Man today via email or phone to get your free quote on getting the internal screen damage on your notebook or laptop today.


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