Laptop Screen Flickering?

If your laptop screen is flickering there is a few possible causes to this problem

If it’s still under warranty you may as well claim on the laptop screen repair.

If the laptop is out of warranty, send it in to the laptop screen man for a professional diagnosis. There are a few different causes to a laptop screen starting to flicker. If you have dropped or impacted your laptop hard then the screen will most probably be the problem and a new screen is the only solution.

If your laptop screen has started to flicker for no apparent reason then other causes to this may be:

  • LCD Cable (much cheaper than screen replacement)
  • Inverter Failure (again cheaper than screen replacement – inverters are only found on LCD screens, not LED)
  • Connection issue (a loose connection is causing problems)

If you contact us we can talk you through a few different diagnosis steps to help you determine the cause.

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