Laptop Screens? Repair the screen or replace the laptop?

It’s a really good question which only you can decide.

To make an educated decision on disposing of a laptop with a broken screen or getting a new screen fitted, the best advice we can offer is to get at least 3 quotes from laptop screen specialists.

I don’t mean your local computer shop! From our research of ringing around local computer repairers and computer shops in Sydney nearly all told us to buy a new laptop as the replacement would cost upwards of $350.00. Some then went on to try to sell us a new laptop while others were just quick to get us off the phone.

As these local computer shops do not specialise in just replacing laptop screens and many of them have probably never done the job before they simply reject the job or quote a ridiculous price straight off the bat. They don’t know where to source reliable inexpensive screens and therefore cannot be competitive.

But who could blame them.  We were a jack of all trades computer repairer ourselves when we first started out the demand to keep up is exhausting. Look at it like a Mechanic vs Windscreens O’Brien. If you took your car to a Mechanic your not going to get the best price and the Mechanic will probably just call in one of the specialists contractors anyway and you will be paying the commission.

So get three quotes from specialist laptop repairers before you resign that old laptop to a cupboard to live out it’s days or sell it on Ebay to someone who knows the real cost and affordability of most laptop screen replacements.

Get your first quote here then come back with the other two and we’ll make sure we are the most competitive.

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