NSW School Laptop LCD screen repair or replacement?

Yes, we can fix your cracked or broken Department of education laptop screen.

School laptop screen broken? If you or your child has been unfortunate enough to crack or break their laptop LCD screen we can offer you an affordable repair no matter where you live in NSW, Australia.

If the school laptop is malfunctioning such as going dim, black, white or some other unusual display problems you may be able to get it repaired under the warranty scheme most NSW schools have in place for student laptops.

If the laptop has been droped or damaged the screen is usually the first thing to break. Sometimes laptop screens do not look broken, they may look like they are leaking or bleeding. In this case apply a small amount of pressure to the area and you should see the Liquid move around. This is a sure indication that the screen is actually cracked.

In this case the screen can not be repaired and a LCD screen replacement (swap out) is required. This can range in price depending on the model of the laptop. When you pick up the phone to get the best price on replacing the screen be sure to have the laptop handy so we can tell you how to find the correct number and give you a price on the spot.

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