Laptop screen is all white. How to fix white/grey screen?

Has your laptop screen or notebook screen gone completely white or grey?

white screen on laptop monitorIf this has happened you may hear your laptop starting in the background. You can see the screen is being light up but all that you can see is a completely white screen. Some may also see a grey screen.

white screen of deathA quick check you may be able to do at home is to hook up an external monitor to see if the output to the external is good. This will require an old desktop monitor (or a friends monitor) or PC compatible TV and the cables to connect it. See our article data base for detailed instructions.

This white screen problem will most probably be the failure of the LED/LCD screen inside your laptop. There is a possibility of motherboard/main board circuitry problem, or LCD cable.

In this case employee the services of a trusted computer repairer or laptop screen professional like The Laptop Screen Man.


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