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A Free Quote doesn't take long. Usually only 1-2 hours. The reason prices are not published, is do to the high number of laptop screens on the market, and the effort required to maintain a database with current prices. Each quote is done by a real human, right here in Australia. We don't spam your email and leaving you phone is optional.

free quote for laptop repair

Get your laptop screen repaired or replaced anywhere in Australia. We provide no obligation online/phone assement and diagnosis to all Australian residents and visitors and offer fixed price GUARANTEED service upfront.

Having trouble finding your laptop model?

Nearly all laptops will have the model number located on the base of the laptop. It can be a combination of letters and numbers. look for the brand name and then a series of number/letters that follow. You can find out more about locating the model number here.

Laptop Screen Quote

  • What brand or make is the laptop? Apple, Acer, HP, Asus etc.
  • Should be on (base) of the laptop somewhere