Apple Laptop and Macbook Pro Laptop Screen Repairs

We fix and replace damaged Apple screens, Macbook laptop screen's more affordable than any Mac Store.

Have your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air LCD screen repaired or replaced anywhere in Australia. Laptop screen man can replace or repair Macbook or Apple laptop LCD LED screens fast! Simply supply your model number and we will give you a fast quote on having your damaged Apple laptop fixed.

Find the Model number on the underside of your Apple laptop and send it to The Laptop Screen Man and we will get back to you with the best, low cost price for your screen replacement or laptop repair. If you cannot see the model number of the Mac, please provide the serial number or other identifier. (it's always on the underside of the Macbook)


We currently have all the Apple laptop screens in stock and ready to install.

  • A1229 MacBook Pro 17″
  • A1237 MacBook Air 13.3″
  • A1260 MacBook Pro 15″
  • A1261 MacBook Pro 17″
  • A1278 MacBook 13.3″
  • A1286 MacBook Pro 15″
  • A1297 MacBook Pro 17″
  • A1304 MacBook Air 13.3″
  • A1342 MacBook 13.3″
  • A1369 MacBook Air 13.3″
  • A1370 MacBook Air 11.6″
  • A1466 MacBook Air

If you cannot work out your model number from the bottom of the Apple Macbook, please have your device with you when you make contact so we can help you identify you exact model and provide the correct price for screen replacement. If you have a cracked Apple LCD screen, monitor or touch screen contact us today.

Apple Macbook screen replacement and repair Australia wide!