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Laptop Screen Repair Throughout the Kimberley Region

Laptop Screen Man is a highly reliable laptop screen repairer, who specialises in replacing broken or cracked laptop screens with brand new, genuine laptop screens. So if you are seeing a difference in your laptop screen, if you have accidentally dropped or cracked it,  we are the best option for having it repaired.

We offer extremely cost effective rates and begin with a no obligation quote- just so you can see for yourself how affordable our repair service is. Furthermore, all our screens are genuine and come with a 12 month warranty.

So- which laptop models do we repair? ALL OF THEM! Major brands we carry are: Dell laptop screens, HP Laptop, Toshiba, Compaq, Asus, Acer, Apple Macbook,  IBM Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Gateway, Panasonic Toughbook, Samsung Screens and many more. Just contact us today with your specific laptop model and we will swiftly provide you with your quote.

Our service is Australia-wide. So we will arrange free pickup freight service from in the Kimberley Area and return, once your laptop has been fitted with a brand new screen.

If you are in need of laptop screen repair within the Kimberley area, don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote, and you’ll be one step closer to having your broken laptop screen replaced with a brand new screen! What are you waiting for???