Kogan Screen Repairs and  Replacements

We pride our self on being the second largest stockists for Kogan and Dick Smith Laptop screen and screen related parts in the World. Many times we are able to offer an affordable solution to one of the most expensive parts on the laptop.

Some Kogan Laptops and Tablets are not repairable for the price

There are some Kogan laptops, mainly tablets that are not economically viable for a repair to be done. That is to say, it would be cheaper to buy a new one (in the case of an Atlas tablet) than have the screen replaced.

Get a free laptop screen repair quotaton anyways. Afterall it won't cost you and may even save you!

In any case, we don't mind at all if you shoot us a quick email and we will check the specs and the price of the replacement laptop screen parts, and let you know the price up front, for the repairs without any obligation to proceed, should you not want to go ahead with the fix.

Get ya magnifing glass out and get a hold of that elisive model number (hint it's probably hiding!)

So grab a quote today. Don't forget to include the full model number of the device and also, let us know your postcode so we can fill you in on some other critical info, like turn around time and how collections and deliveries work in your area.

Hey, did you know we are now a back to base service Australia Wide?

Late in 2016 we underwent some major changes here at LSM. We pulled back all our regional stores, to keep laptop screen repair price low and now we do pick up and return Australia wide, rather than having retail location.

Drop us a line on the email or fill in a contact form. We are always here

I really look forward to hearing from you soon and although I wish we could have met on better terms, like when you were ready to buy the shinny new, rather than get the old one repaired, and curse every moment it was destroyed, an expense you didn't want and don't like one bit.

I get it! I really do. After 10 years of doing nothing more than solving Australian customers laptop screen cracks, failures and internal leaks, I have had my fair share of the grumpiest of you out there. My arms are open always and I still greet you like you just lost your favourite pig dog in a hunting accident.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this content or it just a place to stuff keywords to make us look more professional, and give a robot in the future a good ol laugh.

Anyways. If you broke your Kogan computer laptop screen monitor, and it now does not work, probably smashed and in need of repair, there is a good chance, the crew at Laptop screen man can help you. We will fix it fast, and it will look like new again.

How much? Get a free quote. You fill the form in and we will do the rest. No obligation to proceed.

I look forward to helping you soon.

Work on all types of devices:

  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Macbooks
  • Ultrabooks
  • Netbooks
  • Macbook Retina
  • All types of Monitors, displays, screens,
  • Full HD screens,  Cinema displays 
  • Touch Screen laptops and notebooks
Macbook Glass and LCD replacement

Damaged Laptop Screen?  

Perhaps the damage to your laptop screen occurred by

  • Closing something in lid, or in between keyboard and screen
  • Dropped, bumped your laptop screen
  • Damage to screen from punching or kicking the laptop
  • Laptop hit by object, mobile phone or other projectile
  • Stepped on, run over, sat on, or crushed laptop

Regardless of how the laptop screen was damaged, we have a solution to get your laptop back on your lap.

Are you looking for

  • Cheap, affordable, cost effective laptop repair 
  • Laptop repair onsite or free pickup and return
  • No fix no fee laptop repair
  • PC computer support technicians, or computer repair services
  • A Free diagnosis - diagnose your screen issue today
  • A Free quote on laptop repair 
  • Fast laptop screen replacement or repair service
  • Parts and supply for laptop screens
  • Provide advice and support on installation of your new screen (DIY installer)
  • Local service centre or laptop repair centre
  • Advice on how to fix your laptop screen
  • Need a repair kit for your laptop screen
  • A technician to swap out, change, recondition, install, assemble or disassemble your laptop
  • A computer repairer to remove old screen, install new screen
  • Laptop screen replacement instructions for your model
  • Laptop health check up, a local tech to take screen off or install a new screen
  • Cost (price) of replacement for a laptop screen, we can help with your price queries.
  • Touch screen laptop screen replacement - touch screen repair
Laptop screen broken on windows laptop

What you can expect from Laptop Screen Man services

  • Fast and friendly
  • Same day service in many areas
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • No fix No Fee
  • Free diagnosis
  • No call out fees
  • Hassle free, no obligation, free estimate, minimal fuss
  • Genuine replacement parts where possible
  • Apple Macbook repair specialist (non Apple certified)
  • Fully mobile service with our fast pickup and return Australia wide
  • We repair all laptops damaged and will not void your warranty
  • Offer on the spot repair in some areas

Laptop Screen Man - Expert laptop repairers

  • Laptop Screen Man are expert laptop repair technicians
  • Laptop Repair is our specialty with focus on Laptop Screens
  • Repair shops with all tools and repair parts to service the laptop
  • Helpful  IT support partner specialising in LCD screens
  • Hardware screen replacement experts
  • Stock, supply and fit all models of laptop LCD LED screens.
  • Glossy, Glare, Matte, Anti-Glare, High shine and Low shine laptop screen panels available
  • We help determine the correct resolution, size, surface and other screen specifications so you get the correct replacement screen for your exact model laptop.