Acer Laptop Screen Repairs & Replacements

Brand new Acer Laptop LED LCD Replacements. Acer Laptop screens repaired and replaced Australia wide.

We repair all Acer Laptop LCD LED screen issues and problems.

  • Broken Acer laptop screens
  • Cracked, damaged and smashed Acer screens
  • Acer laptop screens that are internally broken, have ink spills, ink ruptured inside screen, 
  • Acer laptop screens with lines, scratches, marks.
  • Flawed Acer laptop screens - Flickering, brightness issues, fuzzy, dim, dark, with no display
  • Acer replacement touch screens with hairline fractures.
  • Acer laptops with pressure point damage, scratched or damaged surfaces
  • Repairs for all Acer LCD laptop screens that are bleeding, leaking, smudged, stress fracture and any Acer laptop screen malfunction or problem.


All types of Acer laptop models repaired here. 

  • Acer Swift Laptop Screen Repairs
  • Acer Aspire Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer TravelMate Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer Extensa Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer Timeline Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer Chromebook Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer Ferrari Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer V7 Series Screen Repairs
  • Acer eMachines Series Screen Repairs

Full Range Of Laptop Screens Ready To Be Installed By Your ACER Screen Repair Specialist.

Acer laptop logo
Acer Repairs Completed by Laptop Screen Man
Trust your Acer with us!

Free no obligation fast Acer Laptop repair quote

Get a quick free quote right now from Australian laptop screen repair company. LSM offer free Australia Wide pick up and delivery to get your ACER notebook, netbook or laptop back in your lap asap.

Simply fill out the form below and include your Acer series such as, Acer TravelMate, Acer Extensa, Acer Ferrari Screens, Acer Aspire, Acer Swift  and then look for a model number like V5-571 or MS23XX

Acer's Sydney Screen Repair Service

That will help in giving a fast quote for your new Acer replacement LCD monitor display screen

Need Help Finding Your ACER Laptop Screen Model?

If you have trouble finding the model and product code for your Acer laptop just email us  and we will help you find the Acer Laptop model number.  If you have number and ready for free screen repair quote,  just give all the info you can in the free quote form.

We have many types of Acer LCD and LED screens/monitors to suit any laptop or notebook made by Acer. We'd love to help you get the right screen installed fast.

Cracked and broken laptop screens do not have to be expensive when you buy your Acer screen and have it professionally fitted by The Laptop Screen Man.

Laptop Repairs for Acer laptop LCD screens done here and are available Australia wide (free pick up and return)

Email today or call today, to get the best price quotation on Acer laptop screens and have it professionally installed regardless of where you are in Australia. We are the  ACER laptop screen replacement professional installers and we can help you fix that Acer laptop.

Work on all types of devices:

  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Macbooks
  • Ultrabooks
  • Netbooks
  • Macbook Retina
  • All types of Monitors, displays, screens,
  • Full HD screens,  Cinema displays 
  • Touch Screen laptops and notebooks
Macbook Glass and LCD replacement

Damaged Laptop Screen?  

Perhaps the damage to your laptop screen occurred by

  • Closing something in lid, or in between keyboard and screen
  • Dropped, bumped your laptop screen
  • Damage to screen from punching or kicking the laptop
  • Laptop hit by object, mobile phone or other projectile
  • Stepped on, run over, sat on, or crushed laptop

Regardless of how the laptop screen was damaged, we have a solution to get your laptop back on your lap.

Are you looking for

  • Cheap, affordable, cost effective laptop repair 
  • Laptop repair onsite or free pickup and return
  • No fix no fee laptop repair
  • PC computer support technicians, or computer repair services
  • A Free diagnosis - diagnose your screen issue today
  • A Free quote on laptop repair 
  • Fast laptop screen replacement or repair service
  • Parts and supply for laptop screens
  • Provide advice and support on installation of your new screen (DIY installer)
  • Local service centre or laptop repair centre
  • Advice on how to fix your laptop screen
  • Need a repair kit for your laptop screen
  • A technician to swap out, change, recondition, install, assemble or disassemble your laptop
  • A computer repairer to remove old screen, install new screen
  • Laptop screen replacement instructions for your model
  • Laptop health check up, a local tech to take screen off or install a new screen
  • Cost (price) of replacement for a laptop screen, we can help with your price queries.
  • Touch screen laptop screen replacement - touch screen repair
Laptop screen broken on windows laptop

What you can expect from Laptop Screen Man services

  • Fast and friendly
  • Same day service in many areas
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • No fix No Fee
  • Free diagnosis
  • No call out fees
  • Hassle free, no obligation, free estimate, minimal fuss
  • Genuine replacement parts where possible
  • Apple Macbook repair specialist (non Apple certified)
  • Fully mobile service with our fast pickup and return Australia wide
  • We repair all laptops damaged and will not void your warranty
  • Offer on the spot repair in some areas

Laptop Screen Man - Expert laptop repairers

  • Laptop Screen Man are expert laptop repair technicians
  • Laptop Repair is our specialty with focus on Laptop Screens
  • Repair shops with all tools and repair parts to service the laptop
  • Helpful  IT support partner specialising in LCD screens
  • Hardware screen replacement experts
  • Stock, supply and fit all models of laptop LCD LED screens.
  • Glossy, Glare, Matte, Anti-Glare, High shine and Low shine laptop screen panels available
  • We help determine the correct resolution, size, surface and other screen specifications so you get the correct replacement screen for your exact model laptop.
All  laptop screen resolutions in stock to ensure you get the perfect screen replacement for your laptop
laptop and notebook screen resolutions

We also stock, supply and fit all size laptop screen LCD panels including

10", 10.1", 12", 12.1", 12.5", 11.1", 11.5", 11.6", 13" 13.3", 13.4", 14", 14.1", 14.5", 15", 15.4", 15.5", 15.6", 16", 16.4" 17", 17.1", 17.3", 18.4"

Laptop screen sizes repaired
  Inches CM Width Height
Laptop Screen Size 10.1" 25.65 cm 22.36 cm 12.57 cm
Laptop Screen Size 11.6" 29.46 cm 25.68 cm 14.44 cm
Laptop Screen Size 12.1" 30.73 cm 26.06 cm 16.29 cm
Laptop Screen Size 12.5" 31.75 cm 26.06 cm 17.29 cm
Laptop Screen Size 13.1" 33.27 cm 27.72 cm 17.9 cm
Laptop Screen Size 13.3" 33.78 cm 28.65 cm 17.9 cm
Laptop Screen Size 14" 35.56 cm 31.00 cm 17.43 cm
Laptop Screen Size 14.1" 35.81 cm 30.37 cm 18.98 cm
Laptop Screen Size 15" 38.1 cm 30.48 cm 22.86 cm
Laptop Screen Size 15.4" 39.12 cm 33.17 cm 20.73 cm
Laptop Screen Size 15.6" 39.62 cm 34.54 cm 19.43 cm
Laptop Screen Size 16" 40.64 cm 35.42 cm 19.92 cm
Laptop Screen Size 16.4" 41.65 cm 35.42 cm 20.64 cm
Laptop Screen Size 17" 43.18 cm 36.62 cm 22.89 cm
Laptop Screen Size 17.3" 43.94 cm 38.30 cm 21.54 cm
Laptop Screen Size 18.4" 46.74 cm 40.74 cm 22.90 cm


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