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How do I find my laptop model number?

How do you find your laptop or MacbBook model number?

To do just about anything with your laptop after it leaves the shop, repairs, upgrades or addons,  you will most likely need your model number.

It’s a great idea to store this information somewhere you can easily recall if needed. For laptop screen repair, it is essential to get the model number to give you an accurate quotation for screen repair or replacement. So let’s take a look at the different laptop brands out there, and work out how to find the model number for each of them. It will save you time, make your technicians life easier, and may even save you money from ordering the wrong parts or getting an incorrect quotation.

Locate or Find your HP Laptop Model Number

HP Model numbers are located on the base of the laptop. The underside  which part that comes in contact with your laptop when in use. If you are in Australia, the model number should end with a #ABG. If you cannot locate a number like this, then you can cross reference with the serial number, using the HP warranty look up service.  Simply enter your model number on that page, and you will get results returned.

If you get an error like : “This product cannot be identified by Serial Number alone. Please enter a Product Number to complete the request” then the most likely reason is that the serial number has been read/typed incorrectly. Rarely does this service fail, even if you HP is well out of warranty or purchased years ago.

This is not your HP Model number 3168NGW. Many customers come to us with this 3168NGW or a 8265NGW or perhaps 316bngw model number, and rightfully so, after all, HP have printed the words “Model Number: 3168NGW” on the back of the laptop. But it  is not the actual laptop model number, but a component that goes inside your HP and many other laptop brand computers. Another example of a number on the back of a HP that is a component number rather than the model number the consumer would need is RMN TPN C130.

Locate or Find your Apple Macbook Laptop Model Number.

The best way to determine your MacBook Model  number by cross referencing the serial number. If you enter your serial number on the Apple Serial Number Warranty Check Website they will not actually return your Model number. As of the year 2020 Apple model numbers for all their devices start with an A for Apple. Apples official site will only return a result like “MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011)”, and while this is a great identifier, repairers, technicians and parts suppliers will be happier with an exact model number.

Because Apple are tricky, they may even use different parts on the same model, and the only way to determine is by getting your exact year / month of manufacture. This can be extracted by a third party site, and this is NOT the same as the time your purchased, but manufacture. If you are ordering Apple screens from us (the Laptop Screen Man) then we will ask you for the serial number to check ourselves and get an 100% accurate Macbook screen repair quotation.

You can go to this site EveryMac the ultimate mac lookup service, if you want to check it yourself. Another great site offering Macbook Screen Repairs in Australia is MacExpress

Apple has also written a visual guide for identifying Macbook Pro models here. 

Locate or Find your Surface Book Laptop, Surface Pro Laptop Model Number.

With Microsoft Surface, and surface pro range the number will be under the kickstand if you have something like a Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5 etc.

If you have the Surface Book, the number will be on the base of the unit.

If you cannot see the model number, find the serial number, either on the base of the laptop, or through the software, and head over the Microsoft Warranty Check Website to cross reference a serial number to a model number.

Locate or Find your IBM Lenovo Yoga Laptop Model Number

The IBM Lenovo or Yoga laptop model number  will be found on the underside (the bottom) of your laptop. However Lenovo get a little tricky, and may refer to model number as TYPE

It will be something like TYPE 20LR-0044AU. Again if it is worn off, you will need to locate the serial number, which is hopefully still on the base, referred to with the abbreviation S/N

As soon as we have that info head over to the Lenovo warranty check website to cross reference back to a TYPE model number.

Lenovo Serial number example: PC0Y48K4 or PC-0Y48K4

Lenovo Model number example: TYPE T480s (type 20L7, 20L8) Laptop (ThinkPad) – Type 20L7

Or may look like this Machine Type Model: 20L70044AU This particular unit takes this screen: LP140WF1_SPU1

Locate or Find your Dell Laptop Model Number

Dell like most other laptop manufacturers print there model numbers on the base of the laptop. Some dells have a little flip up plate on the base, where there is a screw and the model number contained. This is usually on the high end machines like Alienware range. If you cannot see the model number on the base, it is time to look for the Service Tag number.

The model number will identify the laptops base model, where there will be thousands of laptops just like yours. The Service tag number is similar to your serial number and contains all the info, specs of the laptop and warranty details.

Check the base of the Dell laptop for a SERVICE TAG number or a model number. To cross reference the Service Tag number to a model number, head over to the official Dell Warranty Check website and pump in your details.

The results returned will look something like this (in the year 2020) : Model : Inspiron 14 5485 2-in-1 Service Tag: D72RFT2 Express Service Code: 28726073030

By clicking view system configuration, you will be able to see all the components and the exact part numbers correct at the time of sale.

Locate or Find your Toshiba Laptop Model Number

Toshiba laptops refer to their model numbers as Part Numbers or P/N. . This will be found on the underside (the bottom) of your Toshiba laptop.

It will be something like PSCMLA-03200S and the model will look like SATELLITE C50-B.

If you cannot locate a number like this, then you can cross reference with the serial number, using the Toshiba Warranty Check Website. The serial number will look something like :5E085598P   Simply enter your model number on that page, and you will get results returned. All their model numbers as of year 202o start with P.

Locate or Find your Acer Laptop Model Number

Like almost every other laptop, acer print their model numbers on the base of the laptop. Newer Acer model numbers will look like: N15Q2 or

If you cannot see the model number, look of the Acer Serial number. Acer refer to their serial numbers as SNID. You will find this on the base of the laptop, the part that comes in contact with the bench. This is the 11 or 12 digit value located next to the bar codes on the bottom of your product label.
If you cannot find the laptop model number there, you may have to enter into the operating system or the BIOS to discover it.

Once you have the SNID, go to the official  Acer  Support Website  cross reference it to a model number.

Locate or find a model number for a Gigabyte Laptop 

Looking for a laptop model number on a Gigabyte Laptop can be one of the harder brands in which to find the correct model number. 

They offer no cross referencing online from serial  number like most other manufacturers. 

If you head over to their website here you will find a basic how to identify insturcutional, but if you are still stuck, you will have to stricke up a chat with online support and have them cross reference from serial number to model number for you.