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Laptop LCD LED Screen Supply Australia

We supply all types of notebook, macbook and laptop LCD LED screens for DIY install or professional installation if you choose. Fixing your laptop screen has never been so simple. This site covers everything you need from laptop screen supply, free quotes, acvice on install and manuals and guides. It is truly out of this world.

Most laptop screens can be very easy to install if you have the right help.

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Compatible screens

What are compatible screens?

All screens, including the original in your laptop are “compatible” screens.

Compatible screens are replacement laptop screens that would be used by the manufacturer of your laptop. Same or higher specification than the original screen. This means the same replacement screen that would be fitted now by the manufacturer of your laptop. Compatible does not indicate a sub standard quality.

Because the availability of screens fluctuates, part numbers supplied by laptop screen suppliers vary on a weekly basis. You may be sent a replacement screen , an AUO AU Optronics screen, LG Philips, Samsung or Chunghwa screen All of these screens will be certified genuine replacement parts for your laptop and will operate at the specification required by the manufacturer.

Can I have the exact replacement?

Sometimes you can, especially if your laptop is newer, however, laptop screens become obsolete very quickly and replaced by newer versions or models of the same screen. This is of course usually a good thing as improvements come with newer versions of the same screen.

Sometimes manufacturers like Samsung for example simply stop producing a screen and then an identical model from another manufacturer has to be sourced.

The viewing angles and contrast ratio will be the same or better

Origin of Screens

Remember that all screens are made in the far east, China, Singapore and the Philippines. If you see “made in Asia” this is normal for all replacement panels.

Remember that the laptop manufacturers do not make the screens, there is no such thing as a genuine replacement DELL laptop screen or a genuine replacement Sony laptop screen. These organisations do not make screens.

Laptop screen connector positions

What is the connector?

On the back of your laptop screen there will be a connector, often referred to as a 20 PIN, 30 PIN or 40 PIN connector. The connector is for the picture signal that comes from the base of the laptop. A flat grey cable will come from the base of the laptop and connect to the connector on the back of the laptop screen. The cable from the base of the laptop can come from either the left or right hand sides (when looking from the back) of the base and therefore you can have the same screen with either a left side or right side connector.

How do I identify which side the connector is on?

Looking at back of screen and noting which side it is on.

In fact the very same model of laptop can come fitted with screens with left and right connectors, depending on the cables used at the time of manufacture by the laptop maker. In addition to this, we advise that you check the connector position with the screen fitted to the laptop because some manufacturers fit screens upside down which can cause confusion. You want the connector position with the screen in place, from the rear.

Figure 2: A screen with a bottom left hand side connector

You can now purchase either a left or right hand side connector replacement screen for your laptop computer with total confidence.

Figure 3: A screen with a top right side connector

Laptop Screen Connector Types

Screens come in the same specifications and sizes but with various types of connector, 20 Pin, 30 Pin and 40 Pin are common. In addition to the connector pin sizes, there are other factors such as the style of connector. Not all 40 Pin connectors are the same size!


Laptop screens also have software loaded onto them called EDID or firmware. The same screen can be programmed for various uses in different machines using EDID programming equipment known as an LCD burner. The EDID holds an operating system with configuration data such as resolution and picture rotation. Different versions of the same screen model may indicate different versions of the EDID for different laptop manufacturers. Get a screen with the wrong EDID and even though the specifications are right for the laptop, it won’t work.

Frame Type and screw positions

Other types of laptop screen may have mountings or fixings in different positions, the screw holes could be in the wrong place if you supply a screen that you think will fit a particular laptop type but doesn’t. For example. LP140WH2, this model of screen comes in various styles with different screw hole positions. For this reason the screen model in some instances is not enough information and further version and hardware details are required. Often screens will have a HW (hardware) version as well as a software (EDID) version.


Older laptop screens come with a CCFL inverter powered backlight. This type of screen is powered by a power inverter. If the inverter does not output the correct voltage for the CCFL lamp inside the screen, you can burn the screen backlight or inverter out over a short period of time. For this reason, certain models of laptop require a particular model only of replacement laptop screen. Newer LED backlit screens can cause more damage if the wrong type is fitted to certain models. LED screens that are not compatible can burn out the connector on the motherboard of the laptop being repaired; rendering the laptop unusable again.

Laptop Screen Manufacturers’ codes

Allows ID you to quickly id manufacturer by start of sequence part number from back of the laptop screen itself.

Screen manufacturer Model starts with Example  
AUO / AU Optronics A, B or G B156XW02 V.1  
BoeHydis / Hyundai BOE HV or HT or NT NT156WHM-N10  
Chi Mei N N17306 L02  
Chunghwa CLAA CLAA140WB01A  
Hannstar HSD HSD100IFW1 A00  
Hitachi TX
ID Tech IT or IA ITXG77C  
Innolux BT BT140GW02 V.9  
IVO MT M101NWT2 R2  
LG Philips / LG Display LP LP101WSA TL A1  
Quanta QD QD15TL07  
Samsung LT or LTN LTN156AT02  
Sharp LQ or LM LQ164M1LA4A  
Toppoly TD TD141TGCK1  
Toshiba Matsushita LTD LTD133EXBY  
All  laptop screen resolutions in stock to ensure you get the perfect screen replacement for your laptop

All resolutions in stock as well:

We also stock, supply and fit all size laptop screen LCD panels including

10″, 10.1″, 12″, 12.1″, 12.5″, 11.1″, 11.5″, 11.6″, 13″ 13.3″, 13.4″, 14″, 14.1″, 14.5″, 15″, 15.4″, 15.5″, 15.6″, 16″, 16.4″ 17″, 17.1″, 17.3″, 18.4″

Inches CM Width Height
Laptop Screen Size 10.1″ 25.65 cm 22.36 cm 12.57 cm
Laptop Screen Size 11.6″ 29.46 cm 25.68 cm 14.44 cm
Laptop Screen Size 12.1″ 30.73 cm 26.06 cm 16.29 cm
Laptop Screen Size 12.5″ 31.75 cm 26.06 cm 17.29 cm
Laptop Screen Size 13.1″ 33.27 cm 27.72 cm 17.9 cm
Laptop Screen Size 13.3″ 33.78 cm 28.65 cm 17.9 cm
Laptop Screen Size 14″ 35.56 cm 31.00 cm 17.43 cm
Laptop Screen Size 14.1″ 35.81 cm 30.37 cm 18.98 cm
Laptop Screen Size 15″ 38.1 cm 30.48 cm 22.86 cm
Laptop Screen Size 15.4″ 39.12 cm 33.17 cm 20.73 cm
Laptop Screen Size 15.6″ 39.62 cm 34.54 cm 19.43 cm
Laptop Screen Size 16″ 40.64 cm 35.42 cm 19.92 cm
Laptop Screen Size 16.4″ 41.65 cm 35.42 cm 20.64 cm
Laptop Screen Size 17″ 43.18 cm 36.62 cm 22.89 cm
Laptop Screen Size 17.3″ 43.94 cm 38.30 cm 21.54 cm
Laptop Screen Size 18.4″ 46.74 cm 40.74 cm 22.90 cm