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Payment – When is payment required for a laptop screen repair?

The payment is only required after the repair is complete. You do not need to pay, until the laptop has been repaired or the job completed. Payment can be made anytime prior to return of the laptop.

You will be notified as soon as the repair is complete, and you can use one of our many quick and easy payment options.

Payment – How can payment be made?

We have many payment methods including:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Visa (Credit or Debit)
  • MasterCard (Credit or Debit)
  • Amex (Credit or Debit)
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Accounts * Schools + Approved Gov Agencies

Payment – Is a deposit required prior to work commencing?

No. In most cases a deposit is not required prior to repair. The only exemption to this is if the parts are special order from overseas. If this is the case, you will be notified when booking, and only a very small good will deposit (usually around 10%) would be requested.

Warranty – How long is the warranty for laptop screen repair?

The warranty on new screen is for a full 1 year period. The warrany covers both parts and labour and is a back to base warrranty Australia wide. 

Warranty – What does the warranty cover?

The Warranty is a manufacturers warranty on any screen defects. Such things like lines and any other defect that occurs from normal use of the laptop. Anything that occurs from laptop damage, such as dropping or cracking the screen is not covered. 

Quote – Is the quote still valid?

The quote may be valid for longer than the stipulated time in the written quote you initially recived from us. We put in an expiry date on all our quotes as good stadard business practice. 

No need to fill in a new quote if you are wondering about the validity, simply email respond to the quote, and we will confirm. 

Pick up – Can we organise a collection on the weekend?

Weekend collections are not available unfortunately. Occasionally in some areas we will do an emergency call out for a premium fee. Collections and deliveries are available Monday to Friday outside of local public holidays in your town or city. 

Pick Up – When do pick ups occur?

Collection times will vary depending on your exact postcode. Generally in the Sydney metro  area we collect in the morning between 830am-1130am.

Outside Sydney collections are usually in the afternoon hours from 12pm to 5pm?

We will always advise and confirm before locking the collection in and accommodate your needs where possible.

Pick Up – What happens if we miss a pick up?

If you cannot be present for the collection, we can simply rebook another time and day at your convenience. If you can please let us know as soon as there is an issue or plans change, and we can contact our courier and postpone as per your wish. 

Time – How long will it take for you to get the screen in stock?

We stock over 80% of screens in house so have them ready to go. We can confirm, at the time you approve of the quote price, if there will be any delay or if the screen is a special order and advise you of the expected time of arrival. 

Warranty Laptop – Will this repair void my manufacturer warranty

No. In most cases when you get the repair done by the Laptop Screen Man, we take extra precausions and do the replacement with original genuine screens for a seamless repair.

The warranty may be voided by other factors, such as if there is a dent in the laptop frame, which is not repaired. This is a possible cause of future warranty rejections, but it is very unlikely and most manufacuters are understanding.